It came in today and man it is a beauty. So much more convenient than a disc brake lock. Quicker to secure too. Thanks a million.

- Roland - PGO Metro 125cc, Barrigada, Guam

Important Customer Information

Recently, there has been an increase in counterfeit product from South East Asia. The below product is a copy of the original Grip-Lock.

 It looks similar, but lacks many of the features that make the original Grip-Lock secure:

a) Anti drill, anti pick lock key

b) 30% glass-enriched nylon housing with 4 hardened steel cores
c) 3 years manufacturer's guarantee

The counterfeit product uses a different logo and packaging as seen in the images below:


Should you see this counterfeit product on the bike of a friend or the store shelves of a retailer, please make them aware that they are selling counterfeit product and that the possession and sale of counterfeit products is a punishable offence in most legislations.